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  • 6056Sanjana.JPG

    Sanjana Vijayvargia
    Indigo Airlines

  • 5641Rahul_Singh_Rathore.JPG

    Rahul Singh Rathore
    Indigo Airlines

  • 3484Ruchika.JPG

    Ruchika Gupta
    Indigo Airlines

  • 5662Vikas_Rawal.JPG

    Vikas Rawal
    Golden Tulip

  • 3209Nitin_Sharma.JPG

    Nitin Sharma
    Devi Ratn

  • 8008Saroj_Meena.JPG

    Saroj Meena
    Golden Tulip

  • 2598Srishti.JPG

    Srishti Sharma
    Trident Hotels

  • 7160Ashish.JPG

    Ashish Yadav
    Indigo Airlines

  • 5777Kamal_Pareek.JPG

    Kamal Pareek
    The Lalit

  • 6952Shobhit_Jain.JPG

    Shobhit Jain
    Indo Thai Aviation

  • 4939Ayush_Gujrathi.JPG

    Ayush Gujrathi
    The Lemon Tree, Goa

  • 3941Vinod_Singh_Rathore.JPG

    Vinod Singh Rathore
    Golden Tulip

  • 6846Sonal_Suthar.JPG

    Sonal Suthar

  • 2014Manish_Prajapat.JPG

    Manish Prajapat
    Kingfisher Training Academy

  • 1328Jai_Kishan_Asnani.JPG

    Jai Kishan Asnani
    Four Points by Sheraton

  • 3384Salman_Khan.JPG

    Salman Khan
    Indo Thai Aviation

  • 2577Ajay_Yadav.JPG

    Ajay Yadav
    Jaipur Greens

  • 4975Roshni.JPG

    Roshni Soni
    Fairmont International

  • 9114student.jpg

    Shubham Dusad
    Le Meridien

  • 4995student.jpg

    Bhanu Prakash
    Chokhi Dhani

  • 9989Ekta_Dhingreja.JPG

    Ekta Dhingreja
    Golden Tulip

  • 9680Mridul.JPG

    Mridul Tilawat
    Indigo Airlines

  • 7777Ashok_Soni.JPG

    Ashok Soni
    Spice Jet

  • 9588Bhanu_Vikram.JPG

    Bhanu Vikram Singh
    Spice Jet

  • 4446Suraj_Mal.JPG

    Suraj Mal Saini
    Devi Ratn

  • 2905Nikhil_Gautam.JPG

    Nikhil Gautam
    Indo Thai Aviation

  • 4448Shyam_Lal.JPG

    Shyam Lal Saini
    Jaipur Greens

  • 5684Rina_Nagar.JPG

    Rina Nagar
    Devi Ratn

  • 2652Rahul_Yadav.JPG

    Rahul Yadav
    Indo Thai Aviation

  • 8563Dhirendra.JPG

    Dhirendra Singh
    Chokhi Dhani

  • 5613student.jpg

    Ankita Solanki
    Kingfisher Airlines

  • 2013Surbhi_Chhabra.JPG

    Surbhi Chhabra
    Indigo Airlines

  • 7038Dinesh_Kumawat.JPG

    Dinesh Kumawat
    Ananta Spa & Resorts

  • 4656Aditi_Singh.JPG

    Aditi Singh
    Royal Orchid

  • 1498Amaninder_Singh.JPG

    Amaninder Singh
    Indo Thai Aviation

  • 8704Deepa_Choudhary.JPG

    Deepa Choudhary
    Spice Jet, Delhi

  • 3998Devendra_Yadav.JPG

    Devendra Yadav
    Indo Thai Aviation

  • 4231Nitin_Bohra.JPG

    Nitin Bohra

  • 1375Pankaj_Prakash__Balapure.JPG

    Pankaj Prakash Balapure
    Indo Thai Aviation

  • 3765Rooplaxmi_Jain.JPG

    Rooplaxmi Jain
    Indo Thai Aviation

  • 6299Kana_Ram.JPG

    Kana Ram
    Ananta Spa & Resorts

  • 4373student.jpg

    Prateesh Bhargava
    Rangmahal Palace, Jaisalmer

  • 8927Rahul_Sharma.JPG

    Rahul Sharma
    The Lalit

  • 6901Prasun_Jain.JPG

    Prasun Jain
    Ananta Spa & Resorts

  • 9560Nawal__Kishore_Prajapati.JPG

    Nawal Kishore Prajapati
    Ananta Spa & Resorts

  • 1691student.jpg

    Chanchal Singh Jadon
    Indo Thai Aviation

  • 1696Manvendra_Singh.JPG

    Manvendra Singh
    Ananta Spa & Resorts

  • 3312Raksha_Chaturvedi_(The_Oberoi_Raj_Vilas).JPG

    Raksha Chaturvedi
    The Oberoi -Rajvilas

  • 9601Sunny_Paliwal_(ITC_Rajputana_Sheraton).JPG

    Sunny Paliwal
    ITC Rajputana Sheraton

  • 1377student.jpg

    Pooja Kanwar
    Le- Meridien

  • 3795komal.JPG

    Komal Agarwal
    Marriott, Jaipur


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  • EARTH 2012- INTER SCHOOL COMPETITION was successfully conducted with lot of fanfare!! The enthusiasm on the faces of the students was beyond expectations. The whole competition panned out with flying colors!!
  • SPG has been a pioneer in offering blended opportunities in service industries. Students participated in EARTH -300 DAYS TO CAREER. All students seemed quite fascinated for acquiring knowledge about the upsurge in service industry.
  • Students of S.S.JAIN SUBODH P.G.COLLEGE incited compassionate , competence, conscience with the concept of EARTH-300 DAYS TO CAREER.
  • SPG got a magnificent response from St. XAVIER'S college. EARTH-300 DAYS TO CAREER was intellectually stimulating where students were envisioned about new aspects of career.
  • SPG is committed to helping you work on your goal of finding a rewarding career. SPG is very proud of its graduates placed successfully and looks forward to assisting you to up your ranks.
  • It is the burning time demand that we need to realize and face the value crisis prevailing in the world. Looking forward to the upcoming opportunities , SPG objectives are keen enough to achieve heights in all SERVICE INDUSTRIES for young graduates.
  • SPG is glad to announce that Shri Khandelwal Vaishya Girls College were gratified with a new concept of EARTH-300 DAYS TO CAREER.
  • Hearty Congratulations to the conqueror and challenger of KANORIA COLLEGE.
  • MAHATMA JYOTI RAO PHOOLE UNIVERSITY was very cheerful and there was a positive approach by the students who participated in the quiz,EARTH -300 DAYS TO CAREER. SPG look forward to your career in service industry.
  • Vivacious, Enthusiastic and Exuberant response from ST. WILFRED'S PG COLLEGE , SPG is elated to conduct the quiz with the students and the faculty with such an upbeat attitude.
  • Response for 'EARTH-300 DAYS TO CAREER' Intra-college quiz contest at KANORIA PG MAHILA MAHAVIDYALAYA was a hit. SPG appreciate the participation from girls.
  • The Inauguration of 300 DAYS TO CAREER was a huge success. SPG is happy to share that our team got an Overwhelming Response from KANORIA COLLEGE.
  • School of Professional Graduation brings 300 Days To Career , a unique way of shaping a promising and fulfilling career for young Graduates.
  • Check out our High Flyers - Off late a few of the students have been successfully placed in one of the big seeds in Aviation - INDO THAI
  • Congratulations to EARTH Conquerors from Dholpur.
  • The Conquest EARTH becomes more Fierce , more and more conquerors coming in
  • EARTH victoriously conducted in the following prestigious schools : 1. Rajkiya Ucch Madyamik Vidyalaya School 2.Shri Guru Nanak Dev Senior Secondary School 3.Bhagat Ashanand Public School 4.National Public Sr. Sec. School 5. Kusum Vidhya Mandir Sr. Sec. School 6.Modern Happy Sr. Sec School Jaipur 7. S F Sr Sec School 8. Govt Girls Sr. Sec School, Malviya Nagar 8. Shri Guru Kripa Sr. Sec. School
  • Behold up and coming Inter school competitors from SS Jain Subodh sr. secondary school and Govt.girls sr. secondary school. Congratulations.
  • We are happy to announce that EARTH started successfully over 2000 students with a lot of fanfare. We received overwhelming response at 1.SS Jain Subodh sr. secondary school jaipur 2.Gandhi Nagar Girls Sr Sec School jaipur 3.DAV school brahmpuri jaipur 4.Government Poddar Senior Secondary School jaipur
  • EARTH Contest successfully started on 1st Sept 2012

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