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3 year degree courses

Why do DBA?

The qualification is designed to develop your existing skills and knowledge in planning and organizational perspective of administration, and also prepare you for a leadership and managerial role within the business environment. As a natural extension of this nationally and internationally accredited qualification you will develop advanced computer skills and expand your existing skills and knowledge in many areas, including team-building, project management, resource allocation and communication.

Once you have the Diploma in Business Administration under your belt, you will have the qualification and confidence to take on the managerial level responsibilities that will give wings to you career.

It is designed to provide you with a planning and organizational perspective of administration, which builds upon your existing computer skills, using technical features.

You will gain essential skills that will prepare you for a range of administrative careers, including office manager, senior executive assistant, personal assistant and administrator.

Proven Outcome

  • One on One Trainer Support
  • Nationally and Internationally Accredited Qualification
  • All material provided
The Diploma of Business Administration provides managerial level training for clerical and administrative personnel and will prepare you for a range of administrative careers.

This Diploma is geared towards preparing administrative personnel for a wide range of leadership as well as top-tier administrative roles. It teaches the advanced corporate management values that are the foundation of the enterprising executive careers.

Flexible & Practical Approach

The flexibility of this course makes is very distinctive. It can be taken up be any student who wishes to forge a career in Business Administration irrespective of his pursuance of any other full time program or running commitment such as job.

Instant Employment

This Diploma trains young people on the functionality of the corporate governance. The employer-endorsed content is up-to-date and relevant, reflecting the blend of business, technical, interpersonal and project skills needed by someone who is thinking about a career in Business Administration. Hence, the quality of such education ensures placement of its graduates.

Label of steady career

The Diploma of Business Administration is focused on broadening your range of administration skills to meet the expectations of employers.

You'll develop a range of skills, including the ability to manage meetings, administration projects, and payroll and work priorities.

Broad coverage – The program covers the following aspects

  • planning and managing conferences
  • planning / reviewing administration systems
  • implementing customer service strategies
  • using business computer applications
  • designing and developing complex documents
  • recruiting, selecting and inducting staff.
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